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Yoga pants and why the fitness wear has become a fashion trend around the world. Many answers come out as people think of the ads that have been focusing selling there brand. Thinking about it most yoga pants on women look very attractive if not even sexy. Women have flocked to them for the comfortable, easy to put on, versatile to wear and they compress those added pounds. Yoga pants contain a combination of Lycra and spandex for most made in today's fashion industry. The result is a tight wrap on the legs and butt. This slimming effect on women creates curves on them.

Yoga pants show off a women's figure and some schools and places of business have posted or are now enforcing rules and regulations on them being worn. Yoga pant manufactures have made errors in there designs making the stretching material almost transparent and some when the sun hits the fabric become see through. Tiny thongs and g-strings are the favorites for yoga panty wearers but the panty lines can be seen.

Social media has become a ground for legendary hot selfies to be posted while in yoga pants. Aspects of yoga pants are linked to those girls and women who are out to have some fun or just be flirtatious while walking around. Tight and flexible wear is a great way to keep your muscles warm during a work out and the material drys fast so cool down time is quick and efficient. The yoga wear has a purpose is a winning fashion item for women of all ages.

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